On Writing & You

17 Apr

Do you know that feeling…
When you’re working on a piece of writing
You can feel it coming up inside of you
You know it is eventually going to come out
But your body and mind is just not yet ready for it

Your consciousness is still processing it all
Still coming to understand it
Like bread that slowly rises in an oven

Then one day, when you are ready
The thought, the idea
Comes to fruition
You feel it push through your being
Onto the page and you know

You know you have nailed it
You have hit the nail right on the head
With perfect precision
It is the feeling of shear creation
To know that everything is exactly as it is
Right in the center of your heart

You have dug
And you have tapped your own well
And you can feel its ink spurting out
Like seamen comes from an orgasm
You can use intellect to hit your God-Spot

I love that I know that feeling in me
And I love, even more, that I know that you know that spot in me
You can hit it because, you have visited it before within yourself
You know the exact walk, down the aisle
Of my most intimate thoughts
Because we read all the same books


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