The Acquisition

2 Feb

Two of God’s angels got into a terrible fight,
when a husband broke his vows to his wife,
by laying with a mortal woman.

When his wife found the pictures,
of the two’s Dominican round de vou,
she ran out of the house in a heart broken rage.
Her anger caused her to crash their family car,
leaving her tragically on the verge of death.

With a heart pumping hard to keep her alive,
she accepted a Bohemian man’s help.
He was clever in the art of capitalizing on humanity’s failings.
When it was time to sell,
this devil rang their bells.

Together they created a market,
to sell the many split off parts of her broken heart.

The devil claimed he was miss understood.
He was simply a man who helped people cash in on dreams deferred.
Besides, he only received calls from tortured hearts that had been twisted out of form.

When her house of gold was finally sold,
she could no longer feel her cheating husband calling.
The anxiety and dread left her bed,
once and for all.

And, the banker quietly totaled his profits.


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