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Cosmic Beauty 

6 Nov

“The darkness is beautiful, when looked at with light.” Ratty 🐀


Moving On

13 Oct


Fall Season Humor

12 Oct


Grasp the Sun

22 Sep

Please listen to the wisdom of the sun.
Phaethon tried to drive too quickly.
His inexperience and ego proved fatal.
We’ve must manage our energy,
to create a satisfying life.
Remember the body is a vehicle for the soul.

The minute voice of intuition is often overlooked,
but your gut knows when fruit is rotten.
Certain actions can never be forgotten,
like how they had us picking their cotton.

Only a false sense of security persists,
when you tolerate bad behavior.
Don’t give too much of yourself away,
to the evil man’s sway.

The TV will lull you to sleep.
Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves.
The man loves to see your brain,
lost in a fiesta of mind control.

Ancient scriptures had it right.
Those who gain the knowledge of how to re-unite with their own light, are able to return to the divine source.
They become a “son of god.”
Enlightened, even in chaos.

Hold on to the wisdom of the sun,
Its unifying force and blazing fire,
won’t let your soul come undone.


One Love, One Flower

23 Aug

The Rap of Advaita Vedanta

25 Apr

Once there was a man named Bernard,
who was trapped inside,
a tiny little box.

Bernard desperately wanted out of this box!

But the only way he could get out,
was to move into a house.

Yet Bernard didn’t like any houses presented to him, for each had something bad within them.
Like big lawns, expensive fees or shaky cabinets.

Bernard didn’t understand that all things were bad and good.
For he still lived in a tiny box,
where duality existed.

Advaita Vedanta proponents,
observed him floundering.
Like a fish, wondering what’s the best water to swim in.

They stopped on their enlightenment pilgrimage to mention to Bernard,

It’s really all the same, when you know, you’re a fish.

But Bernard hated rapper crappers, like them!

Silly, Bernard.

How long would it take him to find his own light house?


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