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Nick Vitaris

19 Jan

20170118_143637.jpgOn a cold snowy night,
Guitars, beers and old friends,
Transcend the boredom of a lost city.

Music is played in a basement built for memories.
Chords are swapped and notes collapse into a house of cards.

Once they were teenagers with nothing to do, but protest the man.
Now they come together as adults, who loathe themselves, for becoming the man.
Creativity blossomed but was overturned by responsibility and reason.

The instrument binds them together,
Like the cold cement binds to the floor.

It is the best of two worlds.
First, they rock and scream ecstatically,
Then they get swept into a melody of harmony.

The guitar is honest and faithful.
It knows their beloved tunes,
Like only a best friend would.


The First Walk of Winter

24 Dec

Lights glisten on bright white snow,
as trees bend with the howling wind.
Cold fingers press against a hot coco cup,
while frozen lips, slowly crack.

Salt eats at the concrete of slippery sidewalks,
while a single wet drop falls on her unsuspecting head.
Heavy shopping bags wrap around her arms.
Spare change is released for a ringing bell.
As the city dweller departs from her favorite store.

Her brown snow boots are laced to the knee,
with cold toes curled inside.
A puffy jacket hides a retractable chord,
as she strolls to the park with her best friend.

Pointing his damp nose in the air,
the large Saint Bernard snubs a poodle’s tiny red sweater.
She distracts him with her fury black mitten.

His tail is wagged for the shortest day and longest night,
As she brushes the snow off his fur,
two Bostonian friends rejoice in the Winter Solstice.

Brown Eyed Cinderella

17 Nov

I wish I had a golden mirror that you could step into
A magical fantasy world where you could see your own beauty
Drives through the countryside in a red Volkswagen bug
Yellow flower perks up on the dashboard
Lattes at our lips and painted nails
Neither of which we could afford
The sun shines but not as bright as your inner grace

A line skirts, red lipstick and tipped hats
High heels sharp enough to make a man bleed
A goddess who cultivated heaven’s garden
By conquering the worst fears

Black and Milds counteract chemicals emitted at us daily
Our pours filled with dirt from make-up that can’t cover up broken hearts
Hummus, crackers and pita bread stuffed in a plastic baggie in your purse
Sephora lip gloss, face sparkles and Instagram photos

One fatal shot takes him all too soon
The cross you have to bear
The deepest of pains
Endless duress wrecks your inner goddess

Yet you still rise, everyday
Knowing god sits in your heart
Tattooing body parts, with spiritual reminders

A man and woman dance in the rain
Under an umbrella
It reminds you of him
You were his brown eyed Cinderella

We all cried for you
Wondering why God would place an angel
Into the darkest inferno

Abdomen tight with worry and stress
The warmth of a micro-waved heating blanket
Smells like flowers and repressed grief

Laying my head down
Praying some day the pain will subdue for you
And you’ll see your own light shine, once again

I’m sorry.

Missing My Family

13 Nov

God help me to not waste so much time on small minded men
That I forget the beauty of my own family
Don’t let Hamish grow up without knowing me
He is moving through school so fast now
Provide me with hugs and kisses from my 5 little Australians soon
Give me more time to spend with Mom and Dad
Before they can’t remember me
Let me acknowledge the life long girlfriends I have had
And all the times they’ve been at my door
The moment something bad happens
Help me separate my true loves
From lustful men who never really knew me

Let me look only to myself
Never losing myself in someone who doesn’t deserve my affection
Remind me that I give too much without guarding myself from the dark
Allow me to set the highest of expectations for people who come into my life
Let me be a writer of stories and an enhancer of other’s lives

Give me the strength to help Jun raise four little girls
The guidance to uplift Alycia through her newly married gig
And the comfort to ease Alexis’ past tragedies
The best vacation ever for Torey
Plus, toys and special memories for the Two sets of Toddler Twins
Let me be thankful this Thanksgiving
For all my real friends

For I am the light of my soul
And my family deserves my love more than anybody else
So don’t hide it away beneath your hat


Real Friends

6 Feb

Real Friends

Friends who stand their ground
And elevate your name
Are Queens to be crowned
Real women don’t play games

A vision of you and me
Started in our youth
We are da ultimate truth
Made a plea to keep us bonded
My heart knowing we should never part
It always felt so right
Talking to you through the night
We built a foundation of us
Leveled it on constant trust

Sitting on the floor, as blush roles over my cheek
We dream of compatible boyfriends
And a reason to be happy
Family dinners of warm food and bonding
Our parents helping us grow
As we wonder what tomorrow will bring
Coming home every college break to find you waiting

Over the years, the world brought us different beliefs
Playing multiple characters
Passionately we stuck to our part
Yet, we refused to break our belief in us
The original crew, the Rat Pack
We kept it up, without any slack

A force to be reckoned with
We brought natural beauty and truth
To every party
Girls envied us and men followed us
But we were too busy searching for ourselves to notice

You stole your mom’s car to stick it to my boyfriend
Reminded me to always do what’s in my heart
Your Dad was just as crazy as my Dad
But we refused to let dysfunction define us
We plowed ahead never letting social grace
Stop us from speaking our minds
Many called us wild nut jobs
I called us alive
Girls who would never be wallflowers
Revolutionaries in our own right

Dreams crushed by bankruptcy, murder and divorce
We traveled to hell together
To un-break the devil’s curse
We proved to the world that we can withstand the rain
As pain made us stronger

Now we are shining
The world is at our feet
There is no goal that we cannot meet
Together we hold a tremendous amount of shared wisdom

I look at the kids …the little spark of you
I want to set their hearts and minds in heaven now
I am ready to be an adult and make our own homes
So we can nourish and cherish us
I don’t need the dream job, status or fame
We know life is game
And, I just want to play it with you

Your friendship is my greatest success
Not enough words to show my appreciation
So thankful for all your love
Grateful to know what it’s like to be real
After all these years

Almost two decades ago …
You asked to do my makeup in religion class
We were girls then
But now, it gives me much pride to say
We are women
We have matured because we have endured
And, for the first time – I don’t want to be a kid anymore
I can pass on the rose tinted blush, for my own garden has bloomed.

pic 1


15 Aug

She really only needed one
It is so much simpler to believe
Once another considers you
Latches on to your thoughts
Sees you and simply understands

They told her writing would never pay the bills
You are white, you can’t be Hip Hop
Stop trying to have rhythm because you don’t have it
Your radical views are just the illusions of a dreamer
Those who wander end up lost

Self doubt paid the greatest cost
But then there was one who caught a glimpse of her
And her perception shifted
Making it easier to stay focused on the page
It is amazing how all it takes is one
Then the others follow

Thoughts are seeds
Drop them and they grow
Be careful what you sow
It might stay with you until you’re old

Yes, there was just one
A revolutionary black man
Who simply stood up and took a look
That was all it took
Just one to say…
I think you can

And she thought to herself
Perhaps, all the others were wrong?
Then, she put it down in her song
Because she wanted to say –
Thank you

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