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Happy International Women’s Day!

9 Mar


Pepperoni: The American Way 

3 Dec


Mental Health Haiku

13 Oct

Objectifaction of Women

14 Sep

I don’t know who is more to blame for advancing the idea that women are decorative objects, the porn industry or religion? -Ratty 🐀


9 Apr

He entered through the back door,
A small fellow with a shiny blue coat.

Like the sea transgresses along the coast,
Her sickness would not lift, quickly.

Her blood stream moved to
implant him among the weeds.

He was a revolutionary.
Many had heard his call,
and changed their tune.
While others feared him just the same.

Sorting through her memories, he untangled her obsessions.
Leaving an impression of peace.

She observed him there,
while the neurons drank him down like their favorite beer.

Her energy raised,
when he summarized her thoughts,
with a clarity she lost long ago.

As he took off his hat,
He said he was glad to be of service,
to make her a little less sad.

She looked forward to seeing him.
It was the most committed she had ever been.


27 Mar

Ruminating about lost chances.
Energy is flat as a pancake.
Stuck on a thought that won’t leave.
Shaky gut and weak knees.

Lying in bed.
Life is listless.
Anger destroys my head.
Tired of this ugly sickness.

Bed sheets crinkled like old age.
My mind created its own cage.
Skin becoming yellowish.
While a dinner dish sits on the floor.

Searched too hard for an answer.
When there’s nothing to figure out.
Need to move again,
But where should I go?

Fighting and doubting myself.
With too much self help.

Circling back to the stuck thought.



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